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VIN stamped into frame rail - rear driver wheel well near the aft body support.  Car #04102 Convertible B18 build date (Feb 18) Juliet
VIN stamped into frame rail - Car #07802, LT-1 Coupe, C25 build date (Mar 25) Terry
Headlight Vacuum Canister Date Codes: Car #02103, showing January XX 70 XX stamp codes on the back side of the headlight vacuum canisters. Van


Rear Differential:  The left photo shows the casting date on the main portion of the rear differential found on the passenger side.  In this case it reads A 23 0 for January, 23, 1970.  The red circle in the left photo highlights the lower flange where one will find the stamped differential code.  The right photo is a close-up of the stamped differential code and assembly date located on the lower surface of the main differential cast housing unit.  It reads 2 CAV 2 13 70 which translates to 3.08 (GV2 on the build sheet) assembled Feb 13, 1970.

The third photo shows the casting date found on the rear differential cover.  It is located on the passenger side next to the fill cap.  This one is dated A 30 0 which is Jan 30, 1970.  Car #04102, B18 build date (Feb 18).


Rear Differential: stamped code numbers (#03452 B11 Build date)


Frame Stencil and Grease Pencil Markings.  LS-5 with M-21 Convertible.  #16838 G28 Build date.



Frame Stencil: passenger side, behind front wheel well, from a LS-5 454/390 Hp engine.  Vehicle #00531, built 09 Jan, 1970.


Frame Stencil:  (#12161 F13 Vehicle Build date)


Original Rear Lower Shock Washer:  Left picture shows the AMC logo on the inside of the washer.  The second picture shows the other side.  The washer is mounted with the lock washer and nut against the AMC logo (concave inside) side of the  washer. The curved outer side goes against the shock bushing.


The number of body shims are indicated in green grease pencil on the side of the frame.  Note that there are indeed 3 shims in place.   (Vehicle #11477, built 06 June, 1970)


Front Spindle: Inspection marks.  Also note the paper tag on the front spring.  Vehicle #00531, built 09 Jan, 1970.


Wheel: Original Rally Wheel Stamp & Date Code.  The code: K-10-2-2-AZ means the wheel was manufactured on February 2, 1970.  Vehicle #06975, built 17-Mar-1970.


Rocker Molding: Original style with the 'tab' (#04102 B18 build date).  Left photo are both moldings off the car.  Right photo is the driver side molding installed on the car.


Half Shaft: Original Inspector's Green Daub on the passenger side half shaft.  Vehicle #00531, built 09 Jan, 1970.


Overspray:  Factory overspray on the undercarriage - driver's side well under the seat - Bridgehampton blue  (#4102 B18 Build date).


Overspray:  Factory overspray on the undercarriage - factory oozed glue seams on the drivers side along the edge of the frame - Bridgehampton blue  (#4102 B18 Build date).


M-20 Transmission:  This wonderful set of transmission photos is of Eddie's M-20 (wide ratio) #09790 E20 build date convertible.  Decoded:  POE14A = Muncie, May 14 1970, A=M20.


M-20 Transmission: VIN derivative Identification stamping P0B09A Decoded: Muncie, Feb 09 1970, A=M20. (L-46 Vehicle #04826)


M-21 Transmission:  M-21 Identification Stamping P0B05B 70S403452 (#03452 B11 Build date)


TH400 Transmission Slip Yoke:  Original Inspector's Green Daub on the front original TH-400 slip yoke on a 350/300 early car (#4102 B18 build date).


TH400 Transmission:  The first photo shows you the location of the VIN stamping on the driver's side of the trans.  It's on the flat part of the trans, just inboard of the 'bellows' rubber shifter cover.  The second photo is the VIN stamp 70S404102.  The third is the TH400 Original Transmission Black tag.  The tag is on the passenger side.  Tag reads date 387 22-Jan-70.   (modified Julian date 001-1/1/69)  Code 70-CK-1981 70=model year, CK=small block. 1981 is the TH400 serial number. (#04102 Feb 18 build date)


TH400 Transmission Identification Stamping.   (#12161 F13 Vehicle Build date)


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